Family Psychotherapy

My goal is to provide a safe space for you to share your story and reflect on your life in a way that feels clarifying and supportive. Our therapeutic relationship is paramount. Throughout our therapeutic journey together your challenge is to share about the meaningful experiences of your life. My role is to guide with care while challenging you to overcome fear of change, try skills and gain insight.

Psychotherapy with me can help you:

Manage Anxiety
Lessen symptoms of depression
Cope with stressors
Demonstrate love more easily
Relax and enjoy life
Develop acceptance and care toward yourself and others
Gain balance in meeting your and your partner’s needs
Assertively express your thoughts and feelings
Change self-defeating relationship patterns
Acknowledge & change wearisome thoughts, feelings and behaviors
Heal painful conflicts, memories & feelings
Balance multiple life roles
Enhance psychological flexibility & relationally aware thinking
Improve productivity, focus and fulfillment

As a Clinical Psychologist, I do not prescribe medication. I would be happy to assist you in obtaining a medical evaluation, as needed.