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Consultation, Program Development, and Coaching

Straddling clinical work with developing, evaluating, and adapting programs has provided me with the unique knowledge and experience to building accessible, effective, and evidence-based programs for small and large organizations. I have been the lead developer and grant writer of various awarded and renewed grants. I can help organizations identify growth areas, develop and implement plans and evaluate outcomes to benefit their staff and business. 

Examples of consultation and program development services include:

Designing clinical service programs
Developing videos to convey expert content to various audiences
Writing, negotiating and facilitating grant contracts with funders
Providing in-service training
Supervising different levels of clinical and administrative staff
Leading individual, group, and peer coaching and consultation
Obtaining and maintaining state-level licensing
Creating outcome reports
Coordinating community outreach events
Facilitating monthly quality assurance meetings and tasks

My expertise and relationships with the Deaf and hard-of-hearing (D/HH) communities can benefit companies in developing and implementing policies and programs designed to enhance the employment experience between D/HH persons and in the corporate environment.

Additional Resources:

The following video resources are available for your viewing:

Telehealth: Informed Consent 101

Telehealth: Logistics 101 

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